One of the big realizations I’ve come across running the agency is that clients are just as scared as you when starting a project.

There are many reasons to be iffy when you start a project, mine in particular are usually along the lines of: Will we deliver the best quality work? Will we be able to turn a profit? Is the projected timeframe enough?

Clients on the other hand may have tens or hundreds of reasons to worry when they engage with you. To name a few:

  • Did I hire the right freelancer/company/agency?
  • Will this project stay within budget?
  • Will he/she/they meet our deadline?
  • Will he/she/they be able to build what we want?
  • Will we see any ROI from this engagement?

If there’s one thing you could do to appease the relationship with your new (or old) client, communication is it.

Be transparent, talk, ask, do whatever it takes to take control of the situation and show the client they are getting their money’s worth. Show them how you work, what they’ll get, send them updates, don’t be a black box.

There is really no trick or gimmick. Just communicate, daily or twice a day even. You’ll have happy clients that I guarantee will send you more work.

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