Be Mindful of Whose Advice You Take

Trusth those who have walked the path, not those who sell you hard on a promise.
Be Mindful of Whose Advice You Take

Anything you need at your fingertips, the promise of the internet. Here we find anything, from information, multi million dollar companies, self made entrepreneurs, gurus and influencers. Oh and cats, many many cats.

There’s experts and advice on absolutely anything these days, and the social algorithm overlords gravitate us towards our interests by showing us new content and people to follow all the time.

And while there’s real advice, real experts and success stories we can all replicate to achieve our goals, there’s another side of the coin.

The gurus.

Sometimes masked as threadbois on x/twitter, others as self made millionaires selling you the exact framework on how they became millionaires.

It’s all crap.

Just think about it, these ‘gurus’ are ‘millionaires’, yet they work very hard on selling you that $19 dollar marketing course that will change your life forever. Shouldn’t they be instead enjoying their new found financial freedom and working on their next big idea?

(I’m looking at you ChatGPT ‘experts’).

Marketing is not easy, and making dough from a $19 dollar course takes a lot of work.

So, be mindful of whose advice you take.

Follow advice from a person who has achieved the thing. Who is at a place where you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now. Not just financially, but in every other aspect of their career and personal life.

This can be in the form of a mentor, a coach, a client, a friend.

Just beware of the market-y gurus.

The most succesful people I’ve known to date have achieved their financial and career goals in absolute silence. They don’t boast, they put in the work and help others who seek their help.

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