I’m Tired Of Companies Ripping off our site, So I’m Calling Them Out [Part 2]

Back in February I posted this about how many companies, “agencies” and people in general where blatantly ripping Ideaware’s site off. The post got a lot of attention from Hacker news.

I got in touch with many of them, some removed their sites, some apologies, but most of them wouldn’t even reply. Some DMCA copyright notices where even sent to theme forest (wordpress theme site) because people where just selling our site, the balls!

Things have only snowballed since then, so here they are, the uber original people who just rip off our site (even “agencies”):

… and the list goes on and on.

How do I notice? Well by the lots of traffic they send over to ideaware by not changing links to the images and css on our own servers.

I’m not sending DMCA’s anymore. These people will be served with an invoice for our services and delicious ideaware logo’s to their sites and scripts.

Good thing we have a new site coming soon, I’ll head to the patent office before bringing it online 🙂

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