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Four Years Ago, I Quit My Job

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Last September marked four years since I quit my ‘full-time’ job and started my current journey.

Here’s the post on this blog from four years ago - So I quit my job, what’s next? I remember the mixed feelings of uncertainty, doubt, hopefulness but above all that sense of satisfaction that I took a first step to follow my dreams.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I even set a goal for myself when I was in University to not have a desk job by the time I was 30. I made it happen when I was 27. Above all else, the last four years have been the best of my life: I found my soulmate, started my dream company with her full support, got married and I’m now a very proud father of my 1 year old son.

I have no regrets and nothing but blessings that I’m thankful for. In four years I’ve consulted for startups and fortune-500 companies, I started Ideaware from my living room and grown it into a 30+ person agency, I’ve invested in startups, I’ve created products and above all I’ve learnt from countless mistakes and failures along the way.

I’m very thankful for everyone I’ve met along the way so far, I learn so much from everyone in my life.

Currently working in my next 4-year plan, but that’s another post.

Have you quit your job to start a company? Taken any life-changing decisions in the past four years?

I’d love to hear your story.



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