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Our Work-Life Balance, Will We Get It Right?

The topic of the future of work-life balance has been catching my interest lately.

The topic of the future of work-life balance has been catching my interest lately.

I’m always looking for creative ways both to run a company and motivate myself and my team. But, will we ever find the perfect balance? I’m not sure. But the future looks pretty exciting if you ask me.

We’re already living in a post-industrial society (defined as that point where revenue from services generates more wealth than manufacturing) and the fact that a lot of service industry jobs rely on just access to a computer, opens up a lot of doors.

For a couple of years now there has been a lot of discussion and books around the 4-day workweek, the 3-day workweek and remote work. Forbes posted a great article last year on the benefits of cutting the workweek short.

So we’re talking about a not so distant future where we work 4 or even 3 days out of the week. Or maybe there will be no schedules. Many companies are now shifting to a result-driven approach instead of the usual nine to fiver. The remote work movement has gained tremendous support over the last two years.

Combine everything and we get 3-4 day workweeks, where we manage our schedules and work from home (or wherever we want). Everyone may not be ready for it, but I honestly think that’s where we are heading.

A great deal of compromise, dedication and responsibility is required by a company and it’s employees to accomplish such a feat, but then again in today’s world these should never be overlooked by anyone. Story timeSince my son was born, my family has required more of my time than before.

I expected that, just not this much time! I’m in a spot right now where I think I’ve found a good balance. I work, I hustle and I do it wherever I am. I schedule work hours around the time my family needs me around. And even though there’s so much to do, I’ve also managed to make time to relax, enjoy a glass of wine with my wife before bed and even got back to playing xbox online with my friends.

Here’s the punchline: my company is doing better than ever. Sitting down 9-5pm on a desk does not equal productivity. My mind has shifted now towards the industry as a whole.

Is it time for a big shift? I think so. Both companies and employees should be aligned to each others needs.

I’m seriously considering a mix of remote work and reduced workweek for the agency (but don’t tell anyone who works there, yet.).

Have you experienced, worked or implemented a work-life mindset shift? I’d love to know!



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