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So I quit my job, what's next?

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Last week I quit my job as CTO at koombea, I had worked there for three years and made some very good friends and built some very awesome products.

First of all, I want to thank everyone over there for making it one of the most fun work experiences I’ve ever had and I also want to thank @jonathant for being such a good friend and excellent business partner. I would work any day again with this guy.

My reason for quitting? Purely personal.

I gave my last job everything I had, and got a lot out of it also, but it was time to move on, follow dreams and just start crushing it! I have many plans and lots and lots of stuff I want to do and build. Things were (and are) moving along way better than I could possibly ask for, then suddenly everything took a twist.

I got an email one night, and several calls and days later I can gladly now tell you what I’m up to: I took an offer and I’m now User Experience Designer at Mashable.

So just wanted to update my faithful followers on what’s up next. Lots more still in the oven, but I will be breaking those news when the time comes!

Thanks to all of my friends and family for all their support =)



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