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The Big Pause

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What the pandemic, working remotely and isolating has taught us.

The Big Pause

Some of you that know me know that I am against the “hustle culture” - that culture where every other aspiring marketer, entrepreneur or hustler talks about how you need to sleep 2 hours a day and hustle, hustle, hustle.

You usually find them all over social media speaking very loud about how much money they’ve made doing X or Y, and how you can do it to.

If they are making so much money somewhere else, why are they spending so much time convincing people in social media to give THEM money?

🤔 Makes you think.

In any case, for years I’ve been very much against this toxic culture. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and things are meant to be balanced.

You can build a 7-figure company and still be with your family, enjoy weekends off and you know, live life.

This pandemic has been eye opening for many.

And within all the pain and suffering that it is still causing, I love that I see many people I know moving back to their home towns and re imagining their futures. Taking a break, pausing.

We were all in a race against each other. Seeing the highlights of everyone’s life on social media and trying to keep up.

But the playing field suddenly leveled, and we were all put on pause to think. To re assess - What makes us happy? What brings us calm?

Isolation has been tough on all of us. I personally am very fortunate that I get to spend it with my wife and children, but for many others that is not the case.

Isolation has also brought an important reflection:

How do we want to live moving forward?



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