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Why you should ignore your competitors

I’ve never understood founders who build companies or products just as a reaction to what their competitors are doing.

Why you should ignore your competitors

They stress all day long figuring out what others are doing and how to keep ahead. (Sure, there are markets where it is imperative to keep your foot ahead but I don’t see how in the tech space.) There are just so many problems to solve, and so many different ways to solve them!

As founders we should focus on building a sustainable company, an amazing team, catering to our clients all while at the same time aligning the company to what our life goals are.

I’ve started a few companies over the years and all of them are a direct reflection of who I am, what I want in life and how I want to impact others. Back when I started my first company, Ideaware, my main motivator was time & freedom.

After a few years all I wanted was to take care of my team and make sure that they grow. Now I’m taking that from local to a national scale. To add to that now a days my biggest motivation is also my family. This is why your competition shouldn’t matter: it’s about you, your family & your team. It’s about playing the long game. Building something sustainable. Something that makes you happy, that brings you peace of mind because you are helping others.

A company is there to support your own goals, not take them away. A company is there to serve your customers. … and in the intersection of meeting goals and having happy customers is where the secret of a successful, long term company lies.



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