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You Build The Reality Around You

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Just today I read a blog post from my friend Dan Martell called “No Excuses”, he says:

I believe that I own 100% of my outcomes. I either win or I lose because of my actions. Some might blame circumstances but I don’t.

He’s right. I also believe we are in complete control of our reality. Whatever situation you are in, either work or life, you can change it. It’s that simple. Some things never come easy others are hard to change but they are all within you’re grasp.

Unhappy about your job? Change it.

Living miserably with an unsupportive significant other? Talk, change.

Want to start a company? Do it, now.

Don’t be afraid of outcomes; failures will happen and we will all fail spectacularly at some point, it’s all part of learning.

It’s been a long time since I realized that no one is going to build my dream life or my dream company.

It’s all up to me, and I build it, day by day, small or huge decision at a time.

Go ahead, stop complaining and start doing. Go to bed at night thinking about your dreams, you will have a plan by the time you wake up.



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