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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Next Design Client

New projects and clients are always usually exciting. The possibilities are endless, the hair-pulling feedback limitless!  It’s your time to shine, to design that great new interface that will bring world peace. But before you prepare your nobel prize speech, make sure you understand what problem you’re trying to solve. Defining the problem and what your client needs will make the difference ...

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Guy makes $100,000+ off of Kickstarter, but has no product

Guy makes $100,000+ off of Kickstarter, but has no product Found on Reddit: Guy starts a campaign for a water repelling spray, rounds up $130grand only to find out that his super spray is not possible to make. Not sure if this is real or good old fashion trolling, but geez. Screenshot if taken down ...

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The Recent Tinder Scandal

The Recent Tinder Scandal Found this little gem on reddit: “This is what happens when you give veritable children millions of dollars to fund stupid app-based “companies” while pumping their egos with the Peter-Thielian idea that they’re now captains of industry who are changing the world.”

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