Bye Bye Wordpress

So long Wordpress, and thanks for all the fish.
Bye Bye Wordpress

This blog has gone wordpress-free!

Wordpress has been my go to CMS for all my sites for, erm, 12 years maybe? , and during that time I’ve watched it turn into a bloated mess of a CMS-platform-ecosystem thing.

The constant hacking of the platform.

The endless spam messages.

The slowness.

For a while I’ve been meaning to move my site into something much more simpler, static and markdown based. Hadn’t done much research really, until a few days back I came across Hugo.

Instant click.

It took about 5 hours of hacking away and here we are, all migrated into a faster site that I can tweak extremely easily to my liking.

5 hours. Not a week coding or tweaking a theme, plugins, hosting, etc.

If you’re on the same boat as me, I highly encourage you to try Hugo in your machine.

Here’s the video that got me into migrating: Wordpress is Dead | Static Sites are the future

And some easy to follow reading material: Switching From WordPress to Hugo

Now all I do is write in my favorite editor (Atom FTW), tweak and push to Github. Done!

You can find the public code for this site and template in my Github repo if you want to use it.


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My name is Andrés Max, I am a Software Engineer, UX/UI Designer and serial founder. In 2008 I founded my first company, Ideaware, which is now a 100+ people organization, providing IT talent for companies around the world.

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