👋 I’m Andrés Max.

I help software founders scale their teams and products as founder @ideaware.

About Me

Designer, Engineer & Founder.

I’ve always loved great visual design and building software. That led me to become a Software Engineer and UX Designer.  10 years ago I quit my job and started Ideaware.

Since then I’ve founded multiple SaaS products and helped hundreds of founders scale their teams and products.

My Story
  • 2006 – Full time developer job, learned UX Design
  • 2006-2010 – CTO and UX/UI designer jobs
  • 2010 – Founded Ideaware
  • 2010-2018 – Scaling Ideaware, consulting & helping founders
  • Currently – Building my own products
What I do
  • Husband & father of two
  • Connect amazing talent from Colombia with founders across the globe
  • Newbie Youtuber
  • Learn all day
  • Help aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing what I’ve learned
  • Design & build apps

My latest posts

I’ve been building software for 11 years. I have to admit for the larger part of those 11 years, I’ve used product backlogs to get stuff out the door. Some of those products were successful, some of them crashed and burn in a huge ball of scrum fire. If there is one piece of advice…

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The tech industry today moves fast as f$ck. It is insane, and can drive us (or, at least me) insane. Don’t get me wrong, I love the industry. I love working in it and for it. I absolutely love helping my customers and working with my team. However the pressure of being recognized, having a…

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You might be thinking: oh wow another new year’s resolution post by someone I don’t know. Guess what? You’re right! Did you know only 12% of people stick to their New Years resolution? Trust me on this one, I read it somewhere on the interwebs. Here’s why New Years resolutions suck: they are wishes and…

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The holidays are officially now over, and aside from me working on a new app I also worked on my blog. This blog is 9 years old with only a handful of articles written by me. Looking at my content I had around 462 articles, out of which 24 where me own. Most of them…

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If you are interested in chatting or connecting, please send me a message.

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She’s home! @pure7.5
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Pacman, tea & work
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Starting to get back into my old self after sinus surgery last week. Spent the afternoon solving a few design/ux problems for a product #ux #design #ui #programming #software #coding #apps #development #startups
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So I decided to keep my profile only about all things software, design & career related! If by any reason you are interested in my hobbies please follow me at @plantedshallow (for anything aquarium related) and car related (something new coming soon!) @mk7_storm 😉
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Holiday party beach style! (It had to be we live in the Caribbean) so blessed to have such an amazing team @ideawareco , amazing 2018 and many many more things to come in 2019 #development #softwaredeveloper #apps #mobile #ux #ui #nearshore
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Strategizing a new amazing product with a client in Miami with my team @ideawareco 👊🏻#hustle #startup #softwareengineering #ux #ui #app
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Excited to get started on this book! #startup #growth #saas