Dream, start, go slow & learn as you go

The tech industry today moves fast as f$ck. It is insane, and can drive us (or, at least me) insane. Don’t get me wrong, I love the industry.

I love working in it and for it. I absolutely love helping my customers and working with my team. However the pressure of being recognized, having a successful, 7-figure generating startup is pressured to the max. By no one specifically at least (except for Gary Vee), but by the general hivemind of those who us who are part of the industry. The pressure builds up as you dream of your new venture and realize that you don’t know half of the things you need to know to make it happen. So you seek out wisdom. And what do you find? Hundreds of not thousands of coaches, books, online courses, certifications, etc. Real soon now you realize, mistakenly that you need to consume all of this content first. And you get stuck in what I call, founders purgatory. A never ending loop of learning, stress, panic and analysis paralysis.


Dream as big as you can, the scarier the better. Don’t plan every detail out, just dream about your venture and how it will improve your life as well as other people’s.


Now! Create that repository. Find that designer. Do your market research. Send that survey. Whatever it is step 1 is for you, go!

Go slow

Do things right, do your research, write a better pitch. In the end the race is only with yourself.

Learn as you go

As you go, you will find gaps in your experience or knowledge on a subject. Pick up the best resources you can and take it from there. Fill in the gaps as they appear.

Make it happen, in your own terms

I’m a husband, very present dad, I run two companies, I consult, working on 2 SaaS products, I’m trying to get healthier by getting more exercise, I’m working on my wellbeing by working on my mind & soul, I like to be with friends and family. Could I get all of this done if I rushed everything? Hell no. Or at least, very poorly. So I’m pacing myself and so should you. Just sharing a little bit of learned lessons in the past year with you. 😊 Rock on.


Andrés Max