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Rethink Your Calendar for Energy, Not Meetings

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I believe that most work can be done in a short number of hours every day. Your time and energy are your most valuable assets, protect them.

Results > time.

Most of us do not need the “standard” 8+ hours a day to get stuff done. Deep, focused, meaningful work can be done in just 2 to 3 hours per day, all while moving your business forward.

People who just fill there calendars with meetings are only keeping themselves busy and distracted, with no meaningful work really happening. There is no thinking, no strategizing, no working on tasks that matter. Just never ending conversations.

I’ve even seen some people schedule in their bathroom breaks!

As a founder, I fail to understand what is the point of this? If your own business is not giving you freedom or time for other things - what I believe is true wealth.

Instead, your calendar should be about managing your energy, your focus and protecting your time.

I do my best thinking and creative work early in the morning. So I protect that time, I have no meetings before 10am. From 7-10am I journal, write and focus on the big rocks that will move my businesses forward.

As an example, here is my typical day:

Your calendar should be centered around how you work, how your energy flows. Block off that time, protect it and avoid the meeting trap.



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