5 Things I've Learned From Starting A Company

As far as I know there is no holy grail of things you should do to make a company successful.

Follow your intuition, your passion, be true to yourself and others and most importantly surround yourself with the right people.

But every know and then you realize there’s something worth remembering. Here’s five things I always keep in the back of my head: You have to give it 110% You have to work & hustle, period. There are no shortcuts, you can learn to delegate but everyone depends on you.

It’s a marathon, not a race No such thing as overnight success, keep at it.

You will mess up I used to beat myself up every time I messed up. Then you just realize we’re all human and make mistakes. Embrace your mistakes and hold yourself accountable.

You will fail You will fail, a lot. It’s part of getting somewhere, there is no golden path. We all need to walk the wrong path to realize it’s not the right one.

Don’t worry too much about competition I never obsessed too much about competition. It’s a good thing. But I see some of my colleagues obsessing too much, it’s almost sickening. You have to stop, focus on what you’re doing.


Andrés Max