Breathing new life to my 9 year old blog

The holidays are officially now over, and aside from me working on a new app I also worked on my blog.

This blog is 9 years old with only a handful of articles written by me. Looking at my content I had around 462 articles, out of which 24 where me own. Most of them were just shared content. No biggie, that’s what I used to use my blog for. Now I am a YouTube Superstar 🤣. And I have a ton of stuff I want to share with software founders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Changes made

  • Deleted around 442 old articles dating back from 2010.
  • New theme and layout to simplify navigation
  • Awesome emojis all around

Can you help me in the comments?

  • How can I improve your experience here?
  • What content would you like me to post?

Of course you will be seeing my YouTube videos x-posted here. Rock on.


Andrés Max

Why Are You Doing It?

About a year ago, I was in Miami with the team working with a client from LA. Just before we left he walked up to me and said: “Max, you’re the James Bond of web design.